Minot Aircraft Modelers

Field Rules(2015)

1. Any Non-member that wishes to fly at the Minot Aircraft Modelers field must have a current AMA card, pay a $3.00 daily guest fee, and have a member of MAM present.  Resident members of other North Dakota clubs are exempt from the daily fee.  The MAM member escorting the non-member must ensure that the non-member reads and understands the MAM Safety Rules and the MAM Field Rules.  Resident members of other North Dakota clubs are exempt from the daily fee.

2. The gate to the field is to remain open any time a club member is present. The last club member to leave the field ensures that the water pump is turned off, all of the buildings are locked, the key for the buildings is locked up and then locks the gate as they leave.

3. The gate combo will only be available to all current MAM members.

4. Entry road and parking area speed limit is 5 MPH.

5. If any members are camping at the field, NO flying before 8 AM without getting their permission first.  No restrictions on electric or non-powered models.

6. If you use the grill, please clean it after use and ensure it's turned off.

7. Pets shall be confined to the spectator areas and owners are responsible for pet clean up.

8. Because the computer in the concessions stand runs important functions for our website, it is not for use by the membership, please leave it alone.

9. Temporary (short term) storage of models and associated flying equipment is allowed in the Hangar.  Lithium Polymer (lipo) batteries and fuel are not to be stored in the hangar at any time.   The member must understand that MAM is NOT responsible for any damage to, or the loss, of any item(s) the member may leave inside the Hangar.  Store at your own risk.  The storage of any items used for anything other than R/C flying is not encouraged!  Members are asked to remove any such model(s) or item(s) that they are not going to use at club event(s) prior to such event(s).

10.   The use of fireworks at the flying field is not allowed.