Minot Aircraft Modelers was chartered as a club in 1972 by eight charter members.  The first flying field was on County Road 14 southwest of Minot.  Later moved to the North Dakota State Fairgrounds and various other sites in between.  In 1991 14 acres of farm land was discovered 18 miles northeast of Minot that was for sale.  Quickly a group of dedicated members co-signed a loan to develop North Dakota's first club owned flying facility.  In 1994 the remaining 41 acres adjacent to the field became available which the club purchased and that produces income for the club to this day.  

Our club welcomes all types of aircraft.  Single engine, multi engine, turbine jets, helicopters, gliders, etc.  We have several events per year that aim at attracting the regions newest pilots along with events that cater to the seasoned pro.  In the spring of the year we host our yearly mall show, June is our Open House for potential members, and August is our annual fun fly.  MAM supports the Minot Civil Air Patrol’s youth initiatives as well. 

The club has instructor pilots to help newcomers with the intricacies of radio-controlled flight. In addition members are always happy to help beginners build their own models.

Interested in learning more about what it takes to get into radio controlled?  Please CONTACT US to learn more. 


1991 - 14 acres purchased, field layout designed and grass planted
1994 - remaining 41 acres of land is purchased for a total of 55 acres owned by the club
1995 - Spectator awning erected
1999 - Concession stand and field maintenance facility erected
2000 - Metal storage building purchased
2001 - Concession building remodeled
2005 - Bathroom erected
2009 - Hangar built

charter members 1972

Maynard Kuebler
Roger Lee
Russ Anderson
Vern Howell
Gerald Burtman
Maurice Foley
Oscar Buckmeier
John Nelson

MAM Officers

Jackie Cross

Brian Cross 

Newsletter Editor (Non-voting board member)
Tiger Martin
(701) 340-6617

David Kolnes
(907) 378-9054

Vice President
Shawn Edgell
(701) 509-5721

Board Members at Large
Russ Gohl (2019)

Zac Heskin (2017)
(701) 340-2039

Wayne Marshall (2018)
(701) 721-5146